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What I think of sculpture...


Sculpture is kind of an architectural description of the mind.
A jumping bean of ideas ricocheting between themselves and their destinations.
A search for the waypoints between infinity and common ground.

Creating a sculpture is like inventing a new language,
developing its vocabulary and finding the abstractions of thought
that can best express its possibilities.

I think of sculpture as a dialectic between form and intention.
A way of thinking, through which, contradiction becomes a starting point
rather than a dead end for development and contemplation.

I carve huge sculptures using the world’s highest tides
working in wood, stone and steel, lobster shell and bowling pins,
paying attention to the imagery of structure.

I run with a different crowd in overheated sleeper cars
feeling like I’m barreling ahead backwards.
To calm down, I drum, write poetry and dance Argentine tango.

I like fine books, lake breezes and sour cherry pie.
I have a flying studio with very high ceilings—
it offers me everything my sculptures want to be.

— Scott Boyd

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